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Spreadsheet Interface

FineReport has an interface similar to Excel, with bound data in every column, which greatly reduces the cost of learning. Anyone who is used to Excel will be a fast learner of FineReport. FineReport supports multiple SHEET and cross SHEET calculations, and is perfectly compatible with EXCEL formulas. Users can design arbitrarily complex patterns with WYSIWYG editor.

FineReport supports multiple working directories (project switching) and remote design. Users can design remote publishing templates locally and edit server-side report files directly. Multi-department and multi-person cooperation is also supported. Both data permission and template permission can be set, and the template lock feature prevents editing conflicts.

Data Fill-in

FineReport has a very flexible fill-in function. With rich controls and editing styles, it is easy to implement any report style and achieve multiple styles of fill-in, such as multi-source fill-in, free fill-in, line fill-in, cross fill-in, multi-level reporting, etc. Various fill-in validation and submit controls make the “report” (data collection) and “table” (data analysis) truly integrated.

  • Multi-level report fill-in: Full-interface operation based on the process and scheduling engine, can quickly meet the needs of reporting and business approval.
  • Offline report fill-in: Widgets, data validation, automatic calculation, and other functions still can be used for offline data fill-in and offline report.
  • Page break report fill-in: The report is divided into multiple pages to improve report readability and report performance.
  • Multi-sheet report: Combine multiple independent reports together in a tab way for easy editing of multiple reports at the same time.
  • Batch excel import: Import or fill-in directly, import the data from excel into the database in batches.

Data Support

FineReport can connect to data sources in a variety of ways. It can connect directly to the database through JDBC, or share data connection with the application server through JNDI. Meanwhile, SAP system can be connected through JCO.

Supported data sources are:

  • Relational data source: including Oracle, SqlServer, MySql, DB2, Sybase, Informix and other mainstream relational databases; support SQL to take data tables or views, as well as stored procedures.
  • Text data source: Excel file, Txt file, XML file data
  • Built-in data source: Support server built-in datasets and report built-in datasets
  • BI multidimensional databases: Essbase, ssas, sap, hadoop, and FineBI cubes, etc.
  • Nosql data source: Non-relational data such as MongoDB
  • Other data sources: Program data sources, json data, SAP data sources, etc.

Complex Report Processing

FineReport supports multi-source data association, row and column symmetry, section, page and group report, dynamic compartment operation, function (formula) support, aggregate report, etc. FineReport can easily produce various types of statistical reports such as finance, HR, sales, inventory, logistics.

For the characteristics of complex large reports, FineReport introduces the function of aggregated reports, which divides the original report into rules. Each aggregate has its independence, and there is an organizational relationship between blocks and blocks.


The H5 chart independently developed by FanRuan avoids the inconvenience of using intellectual property, services, documents, etc. brought by third-party plug-ins.FineReport supports 19 chart categories and more than 50 chart styles, such as column, line, pie, radar, scatter, bar, area, combination, bubble, map, GIS map, flow map, heat map, dashboard, full-range, Gantt, structure, and frame. In addition, third-party chart integration is also supported.

Decision Making Report

Different from the lattice interface of general reports, FineReport decision making report uses canvas interface, which is designed for large screen and mobile. With simple drag and drop operation, users can be powerful and comprehensive "Management dashboard”. By integrating different enterprise data on the same page, the company can perfectly display various business indicators of the enterprise and realize multi-dimensional analysis of data.

Decision-Making Platform

Unified management of users, data, reports and permissions with the help of FineReport's data decision system. Build an enterprise-level reporting platform to complete data centralized management. 



Perfect Multi-screen Application

Enterprise-wide data visualization management. FineReport provides a one-stop solution for PC, mobile and large screen.

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