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I Service Network


At present, FineReport has 11 branch offices and 37 offline service outletsoutlets 
in Southeast Asia, Japan, Taiwan and other places across the Mainland China, 
 delivering exquisite, professional, timely and highly efficient local
services to
all large and medium-sized cities and regions. 
 We also provide various services to handle your problems in time.



Current Global Service Network

South Korea Branch office

Japan Branch office

Taiwan Branch office

Shanghai Branch office

Singapore Branch

Thailand Branch

Various Regions of Mainland China

II Service Quality Management System

Based on the FineReport management system, the FineReport service quality management system is a strict top-down service evaluation mechanism comprising standard service processes and service quality supervision and examination systems to guarantee service quality.


1 Service Process

The FineReport service process is a closed process starting from and ending with our clients.

Service Quality and Supervision Mechanisms

To guarantee high-quality technical support services, FineReport has implemented 3 kinds of supervision and survey mechanisms: Number of Problems & Problem-solving Accuracy Examination, Client Satisfaction Surveyand Evaluation and Feedback of Code Development Quantity. FineReport also offers a 3-day Problem-solvingmechanism. These 4 mechanisms have been included in the performance evaluation of our service team to ensure the quality of implementing our service principles and ideas.